With over 20 years of combined experience in the film industry, we are Mimi Violette and Ben Sasson; both of us artists, designers, teachers and parents. Emerging from popular demand, we offer private courses and consultations in Art Direction for Filmmaking in Řevnice, Czech Republic (about 30 minutes outside of Prague).
In essence, we train the Artist’s eye to help shape their story through Art Direction with affordable and effective know-how.

We work professionally on big-budget Hollywood productions, often in the company of Oscar beholding colleagues. However, our passion for guidance is preferably backpedaling towards the more organic roots of bona fide filmmaking — independently-produced projects, outside of the major studio system, and conforming with as little compromise as possible to the Artist’s personal vision.

Since 2011, we have been teaching in various institutions the highly involved topic of Art Direction for Film, a niche that is rarely studied and practiced in academia. Semester after semester, we’ve been gone more indie with our courses for a number of reasons, the main one being great interest...

Our professional schedules at times conflict with the limitations of conventional “teaching hours,” so despite our busy calendars, there’s still wishes from students to fit in the course for their own knowledge and growth. Also, learning the craft directly with a network of experienced professionals has become more and more favorable, especially when affording customary film school or college is not an option.

We bring forth expertise that touches on all subjects related to set-design, costuming, props, graphics and mise-en-scène.
We also share our insight and heavy experience in Graphic Design to uncover the possibilities of self-promotion once a film has completed post-production. After all, getting your film in front of the audience is the main objective.

Our courses are not necessarily on “how to become an Art Director,” per se… rather they are the building blocks for Artists of all ranges to more deeply explore the evocative and vast possibilities that would compliment and harmonize their storytelling process — what you can say without words