(8) 2-hour sessions

Part II is largely a continuation of Part I in terms of topics and format.

We advance on further examination of Fine Art in cinema, and delve more deeply into the symbolism of props, color and subconscious implications.

We examine the simple, yet highly effectiveness, of locations; how to apply architecture and shadow-play cinematically, to accentuate or downplay scenarios — and even how certain times of day and year, light impacts the effectiveness of the narrative.

We further up the ante by interconnecting how subliminal psychology behind Art Direction affects (and manipulates) mass perception of geopolitical narratives, culture and the matrix we live in.

If you have a film you have in mind to write and shoot at any point during Part II, we will integrate the course more personally, to rouse ideas for your own backdrops and character development. This approach applies as well with the topic of self-promotion via Press-kits and Look-books, as we continue to review the tools that make these more effective. If you have a unique project you care to focus on for your own self-promotion, we can potentially oversee the development of your package.  

Again, the homework assigned in Part II is all relevant to the coursework we analyze, with detailed critique after each submission.